Rare flowers. Unparalleled design. One original designer.

Using collaborative character, artful inspiration, and street-style fashion expertise, we rock the floral world with over-the-top designs for our couples' exclusive celebrations.


Before an initial meeting, we have no preconceived recipes or ideas about how we want your wedding to look.But you do. So spill the tea!

We will use our naturally collaborative approach to take your vision to the next level and deliver out-of-this-world floral installations sure to blow your mind.

Collaborative character


Lorinda took the few ideas and preferences that I had and brought them to life in a way that absolutely blew my mind – she’s a true artist!



I cannot say enough good things about Sweet Talk Floral. We used them for our wedding and had such an excellent experience!


Nor do we churn out three of the same cookie-cutter weddings every weekend. Instead – because of our innate desire for fresh inspiration – we allow fashion, art, music, and influential people to help us see outside the box. That's how we deliver original, impactful designs for each unique event. Every single time.

Here’s the thing: We’re not hydrangea ball people.

“Jaw-droppingly breathtaking”


From day one in communications, [Lorinda] was professional, engaging, and honestly clairvoyant in everything I wanted. She made my day look absolutely jaw-droppingly breathtaking.

“A true creative”


I was looking for a florist who was a true creative and wasn't producing "cookie-cutter" arrangements. I wanted something unique and beautiful and Lorinda was just that!

Hi, I'm Lorinda!

Owner & lead floral designer

I’m the original wild child of New England floral designs. Having 10 years of LA and NY fashion experience, plus expertise from freelancing with one of the top floral designers in NYC, I have the unmatched ability to create luxury floral designs. But not just any luxury florals. Bad-ass luxury floral designs. With a little bit of edge and a whole lot of individuality. Because that's who I've always been. Even growing up in the kitchen of my family's New Hampshire pizza shop. I wanted to break out of the norm, go against the flow, and try something fresh and creative. 

Hard working pizza heiress turned florist.
I took my customer service skills and hard work I learned from my fam’s business...

...and, after a decade-long stint gathering inspiration from the fashion world, applied it all to my own creative niche – New England weddings.The result? Funky, street-style floral designs, fresh from the big city. Even the name Sweet Talk was inspired by NYC graffiti. And I grew it myself, just as I learned from my family in the back of that pizza shop. Since opening our studio in 2018, Sweet Talk has now designed nearly 200 weddings. We will always be that quirky, cool-girl, fun floral design studio with a modern approach. And we will always be for the couples who want to stand out. Because, man, I stand out too.

“Intuited my vision perfectly”


Lorinda completely read my mind and intuited the vision I had perfectly. She is professional, creative, attentive, and above all, a true artist. A month later, and our guests are still raving.

Fresh inspo

Fun facts about me & Sweet Talk

I decided to become a wedding florist while at the top of a waterfall in Thailand. I was standing next to my husband on our honeymoon staring at nature, and as always,inspiration fuels me.

I cherish growing up in the back of a pizza place.

I can't land in a new city without visiting an art museum.

From renaissance to dutch master to modern art, it all inspires me to create new, exciting floral designs.

I have been going to punk rock shows since I was 13.

Literary genius gives me chills.

Dreamers with words always inspire my craft. Do you see the trend here?

Because I have always admired people who go against the grain, I can't help but do the same thing with my designs.

My family started their business when I was 6, and my brothers still run it with my dad. Hard work pays off with pizza and with flowers.

I went to a small flower school in Boston and loved it. Then took the basics to the streets of NYC. I loved it because it was a 3rd generation, female immigrant-owned business. Bad-ass women inspire me too.

Level-up your celebration with
New England’s most celebrated wedding florist.

And hear the sweet, sweet sound of guest raves for months afterward.

“Captured the mood of the day perfectly”


Lorinda over-delivered. Sweet Talk created a mix of centerpieces, table decor and vines that stretched up the poles of our reception tent. Their taste continued to prove to be impeccable.

“A true partner and support”


The compliments we receive most about our wedding are about the flowers. STF is not only an incredibly talented studio that creates vibrant, considered, show-stopping arrangements, but Lorinda is a true partner and support.